Bring print to life

Image response. Connect. Moving content. Quick. Multimedia in print. Share. Enrichment. A dynamic user experience. Vivid. Involvement.

Enriches the experience of print with


movies, music, animation


feedback, request, share


lead generation, consumer, shop

Discover Appaview and enlarge your print possibilities through Image Response

With Appaview

a magazine becomes a smartphone

a book becomes an e-shop

(Your device must be AR compatible)



We help publishers

to bring their print to life: print becomes a movie, text becomes music and an image becomes a journey.

We connect media

through the new technique of Image Response: scanning an image, Appaview links you to the moving world of movies, music, shops and other online media.

We are passionate about paper

and use the smartphone media to enlarge and enrich the possibilities of print.